About Me

I was born and raised in a small town in Connecticut. When I got to high school, my art elective became my favorite class, so much so, that when I graduated from college, it was with an art major and an advertising minor. My dream was to get a job in advertising in NYC. However, the only jobs that were offered to me were copying other people’s art for two years. It was disappointing.

As my sons grew up, I was offered a position teaching K–8 Art in a private school. I loved it! I was able to play in every art medium I could find; paint, charcoal, pencil, markers, clay, weaving and stained glass. That wonderful teaching job lasted until I became one of the school’s early childhood administrators.
While strolling through a well-known juried art show in 2008, I came upon a colored pencil piece by Melissa Nece. I asked her, “Is that a photograph?” When she told me it was a piece done in colored pencil, I was entranced. I immediately enrolled in her next class session.

My Artist’s Statement is simple & straightforward: As an observer, I am fascinated by details. The simple truths of objects, both real and imagined, can tell a story.

With layered tones of colored pencil, I can render a transparency or a boldness that will create the intellectual and emotional character of my story. I want the viewer to have to pause, confront and crawl into my piece.

Colored pencils allow me to achieve the details of a realistic portrayal. A finished painting may take well over 100 hours to complete.

I have been working with colored pencil ever since. It calls to me. I can start or stop at any time. There are no tubes, jars, etc. which need to be opened; there is NO MESS! When I head off to my easel, I forget about everything else. I am truly a colored pencil addict.